Monday, March 2, 2015

My First-Ever Business Trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Last week, I had a lot of firsts—my first business trip, my first professional presentation, my first time in Michigan, and my first time flying first class! I work in Customer Marketing for Garnier, and sometimes the team travels to different accounts to present Garnier's new products and promotional plans. I travelled with two other girls to Grand Rapids, Michigan to present to the grocery store chain Meijer.

We left work a few hours early on Wednesday and headed to Newark Airport. I had never flown in or out of Newark so I was really surprised by how crazy and busy it was. Way busier than the Boston and Raleigh airports that I'm used to! The flight was quick and easy, and the view from the plane was incredible! We flew over a couple of the Great Lakes, and they were frozen. It was one of the coolest sights I've seen from a plane!

Once we arrived in Grand Rapids, we checked into our hotel in downtown, the JW Marriott. We each had our own room, and my room was so nice. I had an awesome view of the river and downtown area, a really nice bathroom with a huge tub, and really comfy beds (yes, beds plural, I had two beds to myself haha). For dinner, we met in the hotel restaurant which was really cool and trendy. I got a kale salad to start and then fish in a red wine sauce, and everything tasted amazing! After dinner, we went back to our rooms to prepare for our presentations the next day and I decided to unwind with a nice relaxing bath.
This was the view from my room!

a cool view while waiting for the elevator

fish in a red wine sauce...yum!
The next day, we went downstairs for our meeting, and my presentation went really well! I was nervous because it was my first presentation outside of school and everyone in there was so professional and grown-up, but I was proud of how well I did! The meeting went on for a while and we had some lunch before going out to look at the Garnier and Maybelline displays in a couple stores, and then it was back to the airport. It was a really short trip—less than 24 hours—but it was a good first business trip and a good first time in Michigan.
And I can't forget about the last first of the first time flying first class! It was a short flight on United Airlines, so it obviously wasn't as luxurious as first class on a cross country or international flight, but it was still cool! As soon as I sat down, the flight attendant asked if he could get me a drink. I was good then, but once the plane was in the air, I took him up on a free glass of wine. Hopefully I'll be able to experience first class some more in the future too. I'm excited to have the opportunity to travel for work some more in the years to come!
The sunset flying out of Grand Rapids was so beautiful!

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