About Me

"I'm a light sleeper but a heavy dreamer."

I grew up in a little town south of Boston, went to college in North Carolina, studied abroad in France, and now I am settling into life as a New Yorker. After graduating from college in May, I experienced a bit of a quarter life crisis with no idea what I wanted to do with my life. That was slightly resolved after I was offered a year-long internship in New York City with one of the biggest international companies in the beauty industry. Not only have I been able to work in an industry that interests me; I've also had the opportunity to experience life in one of the world's most exciting cities!

My biggest passion in life is travel and I spend a good portion of my time reminiscing on places I've been and day dreaming about future destinations on my bucket list (a.k.a. everywhere in the world). I attempt to cure my wanderlust as much as possible by taking trips whenever I can and taking advantage of all the exciting things New York City has to offer. My other interests include beauty, fashion, blogging, baking, and reading.

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