Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Goyettes are going to Vegas!

I don't think there's anything that gets me more excited than planning a trip, and recently my family booked a vacation to a city that I've been wanting to visit for years...Las Vegas!

My dad's entire side of the family will be going to Vegas in October because my aunt and uncle are getting married there! (Even though they aren't married yet, I still call him my uncle since they have been together almost my whole life.) My dad's family is so fun and crazy so they're the perfect group to go to Vegas with!

While we are in Vegas, we are all staying in the New York, New York hotel—the one with a roller coaster on the roof! And of course while we're there, we want to take advantage of everything Vegas has to offer...visiting the casinos and bars on the Strip, zip-lining down Fremont Street, going to a Cirque du Soleil show, and taking a day trip to the nearby Hoover Dam!

And not only will I be going to Vegas. My parents, sister, and I are heading out west a few days before the rest of the family to visit the Grand Canyon too! The Grand Canyon is another place that I've always wanted to visit so I'm really excited to see just how impressive it is in person. I will definitely do a blog post on the trip in October and take a ton of pictures, and I think I will do some vlogging as well. And in the meantime, I will be daydreaming about the trip a ton to mentally escape the freezing NYC weather :)

Get ready Vegas, here we come!!

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