Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some exciting things from the past month...

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in forever! I have been extremely busy with the end of the semester and graduation approaching. It's been a never-ending stream of tests, papers, presentations, applying for jobs... so much stuff! But the hardest of it is done now! I just have one more presentation and one exam, and then I'm done with school work forever! (Well at least until I eventually go for my Master's degree :) ) In exactly 10 days, I will be done with my undergraduate degree which seems so crazy to me and is a little nerve-wracking, but I'm also so excited for post-grad life. So much fun stuff has happened since my last post, so I thought I would fill you in a little on everything that's been happening.

The first thing that happened since my last post was that my friend Antonio, who I studied abroad with and who is from Mexico, came to visit Elon, which is where I go to school! It was so cool to see him because he was the first person from abroad that I've seen since returning to the US a year and a half ago (other than the girls I go to school with and my friend Anna who lives in North Carolina). Even though it had been so long since I had seen Antonio, it felt as if no time had passed at all! Seeing Antonio got me so excited to reconnect with more of my friends from my semester abroad. The next person I'll be seeing is my friend Ciela who is visiting me in Boston next month! She is Dutch and lives in London now, and has never been to the US, so it will be an exciting visit!

Then not too long after seeing Antonio, my sister Lexi and I bought tickets to see Fall Out Boy and Paramore in concert in June! We have been huge fans of both bands for years now and have already seen Fall Out Boy in concert twice. They are amazing live, so I know they'll put on a great show. And neither of us has ever seen Paramore live, so seeing them will be great too!

Next was an annual tradition that the students at my school have: Festivus. Festivus is basically a huge mud party that is probably the most fun day of the school year. I've heard from people who have never experienced it that it doesn't seem fun, but I promise you it is! This year was even bigger than ones in past years because it was the 10-year anniversary of the event, and it did not disappoint! Festivus is one thing I'll definitely miss after I graduate.
so muddy!!
so you can get an idea of what Festivus looks like, this is a pic I took at my freshman year Festivus!

Then recently, I booked a flight to London in October!! My sister is going abroad to Bath, England in the fall, and my parents and I had planned to visit her there. Our plan is to fly into London, go to Bath, then London, then Paris, and a day in Lyon. Then my parents will stay a little bit longer in Paris and head to Dublin, and I'll be heading back to London for about another week! When I go back to London, I'll get to see Ciela again as well as my good friends Ben and Josh who I also studied abroad with! London is probably my favourite city in the world, and I am psyched to be back in Lyon, so I am already starting to count down the days to this trip! I don't have my flight back booked yet, and part of me wants to just stay in London for six months until it reaches the point that I would need a visa to be there haha. I know that wouldn't be possible since I will hopefully have a job in Boston at that point, and will definitely not have enough money saved to be living in London quite yet. Hopefully in a few years though!

This past weekend, my business fraternity had its annual end-of-the-year banquet where we have dinner, dance, and the president gives out awards and superlatives to the graduating seniors. My superlative was "Most Likely to be Carded", which was pretty fitting since I feel like I definitely look younger than 22! After banquet, everyone went to someone's apartment to hang out longer. I ended up playing some beer pong and slap cup, and had such a fun night. It was a really good way to bond with the other people in the fraternity one last time before I graduate.
Pre-banquet selfie :)

Sad selfie after I spilled some pasta sauce on my dress haha. It washed out ok though! :)

me with some of my family in the business fraternity! We're called the "Sexy Fam" haha

And most recently, I had my last day of classes as an undergrad student yesterday! It's such a weird feeling to be done with classes, but I definitely feel kind of relieved and like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders since I have been so stressed with school work recently.
my first day of class ever compared to my last day of class!

Next exciting thing that is coming up: graduation! I promise I will be posting much more frequently now that I am almost done with my school work and will be heading home for summer soon. When I get home in a couple weeks, I will also be purchasing a new camera and starting my own YouTube channel! I have actually had lots of ideas for blog posts over the past month, but then decided that they would be better in video form, so I have a huge list of ideas in my phone now and am planning to film lots of videos this summer.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you again soon!    xxChristie