Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snowed-In In Massachusetts

This past weekend I had three days off from work, so I decided to head home to Massachusetts for a few days. I booked my bus a while ago and was not prepared for the blizzard I would experience over the weekend! New York City has been pretty lucky this Winter, and while it has been freezing cold and icy, there hasn't been a ton of snow. I knew New England was getting hit a lot harder, but it was so shocking going home and seeing just how much snow there was! My town is on the beach, and we decided to drive around on Saturday before the snow got too bad, and it was actually really beautiful. The bay almost looked like Antarctica!

On Sunday there was another blizzard, and we got about 2 more feet of snow on top of the 5 feet we already had. We had a relaxing day in, and my mom and I made probably the most delicious pancakes I've ever had! We used a Bisquick mix, but decided to change it up a little and added blueberries, oatmeal, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and almonds. They were so amazing! And we also made some mimosas to go along with the pancakes. Check out how amazing they looked...

After enjoying the pancakes, my dad and I took our dog out and played in the snow a little bit. My dog is a labradoodle and being half poodle, she usually hates going in any type of water, snow included. But on Sunday, the lab side of her came out and she loved playing in the snow! It was so adorable watching her run around and have so much fun!

Look how high the snow is in our yard! For reference, I'm 5'6" and the snow piles were even taller than me!

my house peeking out from behind the huge piles of snow!

Since it was so snowy, we couldn't do too much, so we relaxed and watched a bunch of movies. Over the weekend, I watched Gone Girl, 22 Jump Street, My Life In Ruins, and Let's Be Cops. I really enjoyed all of the movies! I had seen 22 Jump Street before and loved watching it again. My favourite was Gone Girl because I thought it really stayed true to the book, the acting was amazing, and it was so suspenseful!

a nice relaxing fire while having a movie marathon

Meanwhile, this was the view looking outside...

This weekend was also Valentine's Day, so we exchanged gifts! I got some delicious chocolate and a scratch ticket that won $10!

On Monday, before heading to the bus station, my mom and I went to see 50 Shades of Grey. We both read the books, and the movie was actually better than we expected! It wasn't as graphic as the book, but I thought they portrayed the story well, and I think Dakota Johnson did a great job playing Ana.

Now I'm back in New York City, settling back into the work week after a nice weekend at home. I saw that Massachusetts got even more snow today and is expecting more this week, so I can't even imagine how crazy it will be a week from now! I'm pretty grateful New York City hasn't been hit with the same amounts of snow as Boston. And on the bright side, it's getting closer and closer to Spring, so hopefully it will start warming up soon!

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