Friday, April 11, 2014

My Bucket List

I have always been kind of a dreamer, so I love to imagine all of the exciting things I want to do someday. I am a very open-minded person and love to experience new things, so this list could go on forever! But here are some of the things that are at the top of my Bucket List:

1. Go skydiving

2. Travel to all 7 continents

Yes, even Antarctica. So far, I've checked off North America and Europe!

3. Live abroad

I would be open to living pretty much anywhere in the world in the near future, but I would like to end up in London!

4. Go bungee jumping

5. Take a surfing lesson

Preferably in Australia or Southern California.

6. Attend a red carpet event

7. Play blackjack in Las Vegas


8. Go on an African safari


9. Ride a camel in the desert


10. Visit the Great Wall of China


11. Walk up the Sydney Harbour Bridge


12. Go to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


13. See the Northern Lights


14. Ride in a hot air balloon and a helicopter


15. Swim with dolphins


16. Attend a music festival


17. Road trip across the US

While I've seen lots of different places in Europe, there are still so many places in the U.S. that I want to see: Chicago, the Grand Canyon, Miami, Northern California, New Orleans, Colorado, and Hawaii (which I know wouldn't really be possible to road trip to, but I still want to go there!)


18. Become fluent in French or Spanish

I speak both French and Spanish at an intermediate level, but not well enough to really have a conversation with a native speaker of that language. I'd love to get to the point where I can have a conversation in French or Spanish without stressing or having to translate in my head!

19. Fly First Class

20. Experience New Years Eve in Times Square


21. Learn how to cook a good go-to meal

For Christmas this year, I made chicken marsala for my family that actually turned out pretty good! If I perfect this, it could be a contender!

22. Get my bartending license


23. Go to an airport and buy a ticket to the next flight out

I saw this in the movie Yes Man and have wanted to do this ever since! Although the characters in the movie end up getting a flight to Lincoln, Nebraska, so I might try to go for something a little more interesting!

24. Attend Fashion Week in Paris, London, or New York


25. Try a local dish in every place that I travel to

I have been doing pretty well with this so far! I've had escargot in Paris, fish and chips in London, paella in Barcelona and Madrid, pasta and gelato in Rome, countless traditional dishes in Lyon where I studied abroad, a caipirrinha in Lisbon, schnitzel and pretzels in Munich, Korean food and a kabob from booths in Pike Place Market in Seattle, bagels in New York, and lobster and Cows ice cream in Prince Edward Island!

And while I have lots of things I still want to do and experience, I have been really fortunate in my life so far and have already crossed off some things from my bucket list! Some of them are:

• Climb the Eiffel Tower by stairs

• Attend Oktoberfest in Munich

• Ride the London Eye

• Learn to play an instrument (I played guitar in high school and was even in a rock band with some friends!)

• Study abroad

• Stay out all night long

• Ride an elephant

• Go to a wine tasting in France

• Get "discovered" (When I was 14, I went on vacation with my family to Southern California, and when we were in LA, a woman approached me wanting me to audition for something. I'm sure that happens all the time, and it turned out you really need to live in California for it to work out, but it was still cool!)

• Go on a cruise

• Dance on top of a bar

• Become friends with people from all over the world

I can't wait to cross more things off my bucket list, and I will keep you posted as I have more fun experiences! Leave me a comment telling me about some of the top things on your bucket list! :)

**these photos were taken from Google and do not belong to me

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