Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Playing Tourist in my own City and Hometown

This Christmas, one of my best friends, Ben, came to visit for a few weeks to celebrate with me and my family! Ben and I became friends when we both studied abroad in Lyon, France two years ago. Ben, who is from England, had been wanting to visit the US and what better time to do so than at Christmastime? My family met Ben this Fall when we were all in Bath, so they were all so excited to see him again too. The whole holiday season was so much fun and it was great to spend this Christmas with my family as well as one of my best friends!

While Ben was visiting, my family and I took him around to some of the best spots in Boston, the South Shore in Massachusetts, and New York City. I had been to almost all of these places already, but by seeing all of these sights again from a tourist perspective, I was really able to rediscover my current city and my hometown near Boston, and I feel like I am able to appreciate both of them more than I did before!

Thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to exploring my cities even more in 2015, especially New York :)

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