Friday, November 28, 2014

What I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Over the past year, so much has happened in my life, and I really feel like I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

My family


Good friends all over the country and around the world

I was even lucky enough to reconnect with some of my international friends when I went to England and France a couple months ago!

My first post-grad job at one of my dream companies

I'm working on the Garnier brand at L'Oréal USA, and I have loved it so far!


Having the opportunity to move to New York City

In October, I moved to one of my favourite cities, New York City, for my job and have absolutely loved it!

All of the travel opportunities I've had in the past year

In the past year, I have been to New York City 4 times (before moving there of course!), Washington DC, Atlanta, North Carolina, Prince Edward Island, Boston, Provincetown, London, Bath, Cardiff, Weston-Super-Mare, and Paris :)  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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