Monday, August 18, 2014

24 Hours in Provincetown, Massachusetts

This weekend, some of the women in my family headed to the town at the very tip of Cape Cod—Provincetown.

I had only been to Provincetown (or "P-Town" for short) once when I was about 6 years old, so I had never fully appreciated the uniqueness of the town. First off, it is so beautiful. Of course, with it's location right on the tip of the Cape, it has amazing views. And the hotel we stayed in, the Provincetown Inn, was right on the harbour where our room had a patio overlooking the water. P-Town has some amazing beaches and is the quintessential "quaint" New England town, with narrow streets, lots of beach-themed shops, and the cutest houses and inns you can imagine! The downtown area has so much going on, and there are some really amazing restaurants—and with P-Town being on the Cape, it has some of the best seafood around.

And another reason that makes P-Town unique is that it is known as a huge hub for the LGBT community. While some of the LGBT people who come to P-Town like to blend in and stay under the radar, a huge amount of them love to be completely themselves and really flaunt who they are, which I loved! People there are so friendly, and it's so entertaining as well, because you'll see everything, from drag queens dressed as various celebrities to men walking down the street in speedo bathing suits, and even a dog riding a skateboard! (And yes, those are all things we saw while we were there!)

To start off the weekend, my mom and I made the two-hour car ride to P-Town where some of our relatives had already arrived the previous day. As soon as we got there, we joined them in the pool area of the hotel for some cocktails. The cocktail I got was called a "Watermelon Kiss" and it was amazing!

 After a few hours of lounging in the pool area enjoying some cocktails, it was time to get ready to go out for the night! I stayed in a room with my mom, cousin, and two of my aunts from my dad's side of the family. After we were all dressed and had touched up our make-up, it was time to break out some wine. My dad's entire side of the family loves their sauvignon blanc, and I cannot say that I complain about that! Then we headed over to the other ladies' room where my dad's cousins and a couple of their friends, were already starting to party hard! We got some group pictures on the P-Town waterfront, and then headed to the hotel restaurant for dinner. I ordered lasagna, which was really good and tried a drink called a "butterball" that tasted like butterscotch and was delicious! After dinner, we headed down the hall for the hotel's resident drag show—Forever Blonde. It was decent but, not gonna lie, we expected there to be more drag queens! The show featured songs from lots of different blondes throughout music history (Britney, Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc), but other than the host of the show, all of the girls were played by girls, and the guys just danced with them. Although, they did perform "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake, during which some of the guys showed off their moves on a stripper pole! It was a fun night, and definitely an authentic P-Town experience!

getting ready to go out with my mom, two aunts, and cousin

the whole Goyette clan!

The next day, we headed into town. I walked in with my mom, cousin, and two aunts where we wandered through the streets and eventually found a place to get lunch that overlooked the water. The food was all so good, including my chicken panini and especially the scallops that my mom ordered! After lunch, my mom and I split off from the other three, because we wanted to go into some different stores than they did. We checked out clothes and accessory boutiques, consignment stores, and  beach-themed homeware stores. There was some really cute stuff, but we didn't end up buying anything. I think the most interesting encounter we had was definitely in the Marc Jacobs store. A man approached me and my mom asking for our help in picking out a man purse for him. He was one of the most eccentric people I had ever met, and based on his odour, he had definitely been enjoying some alcohol and marijuana earlier that day! I don't think he ended up buying a man purse in the end, but my mom and I had a fun time recalling all the crazy things he said to us! After that, we made the scenic walk back to the hotel, and then decided to head home for the night.
downtown P-Town
the view from the restaurant where we ate lunch
the view of downtown from the hotel

The rest of the group was staying an extra night and heading back downtown dressed up as superheroes, but we had decided to only stay for one night. And one night had been perfect for us, because we got to experience both the pretty and crazy sides of the town and had a really fun time! I want to go back to P-Town in the future with a group of girls, because it was definitely an experience I'd like to repeat!

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