Thursday, July 17, 2014

My First Wedding!

This past weekend, my cousin Tina got married, and I got to attend my very first wedding! (I went to the wedding of a family friend when I was little, but I was really young and didn't get to go to the reception, so I don't usually count it.) Tina got married to a guy named Mike who has come to a bunch of family events, and everyone in the family loves him!

On the day of the wedding, it was such a perfect day with amazing weather. It was an outdoor wedding with a cute little gazebo and a little river going by. Tina's dress was really pretty, and it was a nice ceremony. It was really short too, which everyone liked!

me and Lexi getting photo bombed by our dad

with my mom and Auntie Michelle

Then came the reception, the part that I was most excited about! My dad's side of the family can get a little bit wild, so I knew it would be really fun! First up was to get some drinks! Once everyone had hit the bar and sat at their tables, it was time for the speeches and the toast. The speeches were given by Mike's brother and Tina's two older sisters. My cousin Katie had a long speech that was funny and made us all laugh a lot! Then, it was dinner time. My dinner was steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables, and was really good! And finally, it was time for dancing! We got some more drinks and hit the dance floor for the next couple of hours! I didn't know some of the music that the DJ played, but there were some good songs too that everyone got really into! Once it hit 11pm and everyone started to leave, we were all so exhausted after the celebration. I'm so happy for Tina and Mike and think they make a great couple :)

me and Lexi with our cousin Allie

All in all, I had a great first wedding experience! It's so weird that I'm getting to the age when people close to my age are starting to get engaged and married. I personally can't see myself getting married for a long time, and inside I still feel like I'm definitely younger than 22, so it's crazy to me that other people my age can already feel ready to settle down! But I know I have a ton of friends who are also enjoying being young and single, so I'm not alone! And even though I feel far away from getting married myself, I'm looking forward to attending some more weddings in the future!

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